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Behavior Modification - 21 Day Program

Aggression in dogs is a concerning issue that requires expertise in animal behavior. Attempting to address aggression without a clear understanding of its underlying causes can often worsen the problem. Tiffany specializes in identifying the root causes of aggression and guiding pet owners on the appropriate approach to managing their pet’s aggressive tendencies.

At Inner Knowing Canine Connections, we prioritize the use of positive reinforcement for behavior modification in both dogs and their owners. Our approach involves teaching dogs the desired behaviors while clearly discouraging those we aim to deter. Additionally, we ensure that pet owners are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively reinforce these teachings.

With 14 years of experience, Tiffany is a seasoned professional specializing in behavior modification for dogs. Her expertise extends to working with dogs exhibiting fear-based reactivity and aggression towards both animals and people, drawing on her extensive training background to address these behaviors. The board and train program offered by Tiffany is particularly beneficial for resetting negative behavior patterns, providing an immersive learning experience aimed at reshaping a dog’s responses.

For animals exhibiting reactivity, a minimum of 14 days in board and train is recommended to address underlying issues effectively. However, the suggested duration is 21 days, offering ample time to focus on training in various environments and situations. This extended period allows for thorough training, ensuring that the dog is exposed to a broad range of scenarios to reinforce positive behavior and responses.

Throughout her training approach, Tiffany emphasizes positive reinforcement as the most effective method for behavior modification. By utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, Tiffany promotes positive behavior change, encouraging dogs to engage in desired behaviors through positive associations, ultimately fostering a more favorable and lasting transformation.