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Our Training Philosophy

Inner Knowing Can uses current positive reinforcement training methods. We are located in Asheville, NC on a beautiful 8 acre property.  We specialize in behavior modification, puppy training and dog obedience.  

We offer a FREE meet and greet with your dog for our board and train program! 

About Us

Tiffany has been professionally training dogs since 2009. Tiffany believes in using humane, science based methods for training

Owner – Tiffany Jourdain is a certified dog trainer with over a decade of training experience. Her dogs are her life, and dog training is the only thing she can imagine having a career in! There is something special about helping a dog become an incredible family member. Tiffany has volunteered in animal rescue much of her life and has fostered the most challenging behavior cases. She has extensive experience handling behavioral challenges like resource guarding, leash aggression, dog reactivity, fear aggression and separation anxiety.

In 2009 Tiffany began working for a corporate pet store chain as store trainer and soon after Area Trainer, where she not only held group and private classes in store, she also trained numerous other trainers who have gone on to have successful training careers. Tiffany has started two other successful dog training business that she still has connections with to this day. Dog Training Pluto’s Way founded in 2013 and Positive Splash Dog Training founded in 2017. 

  • Tiffany has a special love for the mountains of North Carolina, hiking with her dogs and spending time with the people and pups she cares about. Community engagement and volunteer work is the root of who we are thanks to Tiffany’s leadership. Tiffany does visits to schools, public events and nursing homes for as a way to give back to the community. If you are looking for a person with complete integrity, knowledge and a true love for animals — you’ve come to the right place.