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What Our Clients Say About Us

My dog was incredibly destructive and my husband said he would have to go if we couldn’t get his behavior under control.   Our of desperation I called Inner Knowing Canine.  5 days later I brought him to Tiffany’s home to begin his 3 weeks of training.  He has been back home for 2 weeks and I have a different dog.  He is so much calmer and connected to me.  The trainers taught me that he was, in fact smart and eager to learn.  He settles while we eat dinner at night and is calmer during the day while I work.  I am so happy with the results and highly recommend Tiffany! “

Abigale Isey

Bruce was really bad on a leash. He also was aggressive with other animals and barked at people coming into the house. His name should have been savage.  haha.  It was a long wait but we signed up for Tiffanys 3 day training intensive.  He became a new – better – sweeter and much more well behaved dog almost overnight.  My family and I really enjoyed our time working with Tiffany and continue to enjoy a happy and sweet French Bulldog now! 

Molly Easterwood

Our dog Rugby was a perfect boy until he was attacked by another dog at the dog park.  After that whenever we would see dogs on a leash he would bark and lunge. Taking him for walks was no longer fun and we were both honestly stressed.  Rugby was fearful but everyone else thought he was aggressive.  When I spoke to Tiffany on the phone, she got it. It was like she understood Rugbys issues and even in our first phone conversation, she gave me hope.   Rugby has completed 3 weeks of stay and train and Tiffany met me at a dog park to practice walking Rugby after he came home.  He has made remarkable improvement.  I understand that training may be an everyday part of our lives going forward, but I am so grateful to have my best friend back on our walks.

Kimberly Snow

“My family brought home a precious labradoodle at just 8 weeks.  The first few weeks were going ok, then we realized we were in over our heads between the kids schoolwork, sports after school, and a busy lifestyle.  We very much wanted Molly to be apart of our activities but she was ALL puppy.  She pulled on her leash, was distracted by anything and everything, her potty training was going downhill and we were not sure what to do.  We had a vacation planned and figured it was a perfect time for Molly to go to training.  Molly stayed with Tiffany for 2 weeks and during that time we were sent weekly updates.  When we picked her up she was happy, clean and smelled so good!  She had clearly enjoyed her time.  We were given a video of all she learned – it was AMAZING!  Molly has been so much better since coming home and the homework she was sent home with has enabled us to continue her training as a family.  We give Inner Knowing an A+ Rating.”

Rebecca Kysler