Our Programs


Puppy Training

The perfect program for puppies. We offer a 2 week board and train program that is exclusively designed for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old. 

Puppies are different from adult dogs in that just like children, they have short attention spans and truly don’t know when they do something “wrong”. Puppies require commitment, routine, structure and lots of socialization. Raising a puppy and the training you do at a young age will 100% contribute to who the dog is and how the dog behaves as an adult. All puppies go through a teenage phase around 7 months and training and developing a strong, successful foundation before this is so helpful as your pup matures.

In Home Training

Private dog training is an amazing option where we are training you and your dog at the same time. We uniquely customize each private training program to cover your training goals. Each week we will come and work wit you and your dog. We will give you “homework” and info on how to continue training before our next meeting.  This is a great puppy training program for the whole family.

In-Home Training


$1,000 4 Sessions

Board and Trains

This is a uniquely customized program where your dog will receive training while living with our trainer in a home environment. During the time your dog spends with our trainer, he/she will have multiple training sessions a day. Every board and train client receives a personalized video demonstrating what their dog has learned at the end of the program. We are proud to say we have the only positive reinforcement dog training program like this in this area!

Board & Train Programs

1-4 week options 

Dog/Human Training Intensive

This elite and exclusive dog training program is a program that involves Tiffany working with your dog all day for 4 consecutive days AND training your family each day. Training one dog family at a time, Tiffany immerses your dog into a one on one program. This dog training program is the equivalent of a 4 week board and train program but instead of being away from your dog for a long time, your dog spends full days with Tiffany and comes home every evening to you. This can be tailored to a puppy training course as well. Tiffany is the only Dog Trainer in the area that has this positive reinforcement training program.